Full Day Videography

Videography is new to me & so my pricing will be structured by what year your wedding is.

I've photographed approx 300 weddings, so I know weddings inside out, but I'm gaining experience with videography rapidly which is why the price below jumps with each year and it will end up matching my Photography pricing!

£595 for the rest of 2022

£695 for 2023

£845 for 2024

£995 for 2025 onwards

Want drone footage? That's just an additional £125

Angela & Danny

If I told you that this was my first ever effort at wedding videography.....would you believe me?

Well it was and I would like to think it shows the amount of learning, studying, practice, care and attention that went into getting this right. A wonderful couple and the stunning Hever Castle for the wedding backdrop, not a small one to get started on, but I hope you agree that its a pretty decent effort for a 1st!

Rianne & Ben

A truly wonderful and lovely couple, who it could be said through their working lives are used to cameras being around, were a delight to work for, and a delight to film.

Their day was held at the Coltsford MIll in Oxted, and it was the first outing for the drone. I think you'll agree the drone footage does indeed add another dimension to the overall feel of the film.

Claire & Tarquin

What a wonderful day Claire & Tarquin had. The venue, The Tudor Barn at Eltham, was amazing. A piece of history nestled in amongst South East London's busy life, not 2 minutes from the A2, and yet you'd never know it was there, and whilst you were there you would never know it was in South East London. Amazing, just like Claire & Tarquin, a truly wonderful couple with a great group of friends and family.


What Coverage Packages Do You Offer?

What product do we get?

How do we get the films?

Are you insured?

Tell me about the drone?


What Coverage Packages Do You Offer?

There is just one basic coverage, and thats Full Day.

Full Day covers from morning prep right through to the first dance.

If you really want the videography that I create but your requirements are shorter than a full day then please do get in touch to see if we can create you something a little more bespoke.

What product do we get?

You get two films!

A shorter one and a longer one.

The short highlights film is set to music, apart from a snippet of the ceremony that has the real sound, and it literally only shows a 4-7 minute long highlight of your day from prep to first dance.

The longer film is 20-50 minutes long and is basically the highlights, with a few more clips dropped in, but it also houses the full civil ceremony, or the most of the church wedding, plus all the speeches and the full first dance....and the reason the estimated time is so wide from 20-50 minutes is because we have no idea how long your ceremony, speeches and first dance will end up being, and some can be a lot shorter than others, and some a lot longer.

How do we get the films?


Firstly both films will be placed on Youtube. However they are not publically searchable as they will be put there as Unlisted, which means they are private and only viewable by those who have the link. So I'll have the link and so will you, and you get to choose who you want to share that link with.

It's ideal because you might have people at work, or socially, or on a family visit, that you might want to show off your film, in which case you'll have it right there on your phone/tablet, click the link and theres your film.

You will also get a download of the film, and all you need to do with it is drag a copy of it onto a USB stick, and then with most modern TV's you can plug in the USB stick and watch your film!

Are you insured?

Just as with the photography, I'm fully insured on the same policy for video work that covers me for Public Liability etc

Tell me about the drone?

The rules for drones changed back at the start of 2022, making it easier in certain classes to be able to provide a commercial service, and I have one of those drones that falls into that catergory.

It's the DJI Mini 2, under 250g, but packing a 4K punch with image quality. There is no "License" for this size of drone, just the requirement to have an Operators ID from the CAA, which I have, and although you don't have to, I've also got a CAA Flyers ID, that required the passing of a 40 question test. The only other requirement is to have commercial insurance, which I will have for your wedding day should you choose to add the drone to your coverage.

However, there still could be a few reasons why it won't be able to fly at your wedding. If your venue point blank opposes it then we can't fly. If the CAA have a flying restriction, for example, because we are very close to Gatwick or there is a NOTAM (Temporary airspace restriction) then we can't fly. Lastly, and we won't know this till 3/4 days before the wedding, if the weather is going to be windy, or wet and windy, then for safety reason again it won't fly.

If any of the above is the case, and it doesn't fly, but you've paid me for the drone, then you will get a full refund of the drone fee.