About Me

Ok, so I'm Dominic, a photographer who has turned his hand to adding Videography to the skillset in the downtime of the pandemic, but the photography started in my childhood years with a kids camera, before getting something a little better, a Canon Sureshot, in my teens.

My step up from film to digital happened in my mid to late twenties when my dad gave me an HP945 5.3mp camera, and it went everywhere with me. Granted by today's standards it wasn't the best optically but I made the most of it until I bought my first DSLR, a Sony A100 just days before my second son was born.

It was that camera, the quality from it, and the pace at which my photographic knowledge grew, that saw me go through the A350 to the A700 to the A77 of the Sony range, ultimately ending up using the A700 and A77 on the first handful of weddings until I was taken in by the Full Frame loveliness on Nikon, where I went through the D700, D7000, D610, and D750.

I'm now a Fujifilm shooter, and don't ask why as I'll bang on about how awesomely great they really are!

Away from photography, I've been married since 2001 and we have four wonderful kids, 1 girly and three boys, and they keep me on my toes. I'm that typical bloke who loves his football and whilst I do have a big team I'm a fan of, I remain very loyal to my local non-league club Redhill FC, and I will be found there on a Saturday afternoon if I don't get a wedding booking.

Lastly, I love a good wedding, and good weddings are made up of three very important things. An awesome wedding couple, their awesome families, and their awesome friends!

It's all about the people! Sure, good planning, good venue, good suppliers, it all helps, but having good people to work with makes it an awesome day, and I love getting involved to help make that day as special as it can be, and grab some great photos to serve as a wonderful memory of that perfect day.



Tahsa & Mike

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"You really are a master of photography. We received our photos today. Thanks for everything & your professional approach to the whole day & making it even more special, We're so happy you captured our day for us. Dom is 100% recommended for any of your photography needs"

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