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Apologies - This website is currently being rebuilt and is not yet complete - 10/11/2019

My name is Dominic and I've been a professional photographer since 2011 and since then I have been photographing weddings, portraiture, events, new borns & automotive.

I'm based in Horley, Surrey but I am more then willing to travel to wherever your wedding is, just as I have done with recent weddings in the Lake District, Devon and Wales

Please do take a little look around my website. Theres info about what I do, how I do it and my thoughts on what good/great wedding photography is all about, there is the blog which will keep you up to date with what I've been up to, and very importantly theres a large portfolio of work for you to see and judge.....you'll notice I don't just show you a small "Best Of..." gallery that contains no more than 20 images, but I let you see a large number of my imagery that'll leave you in no doubt as to the quality of my work. 

There is also the services/prices page which will let you know the finer details on what I can do for you and what the booking process is.

Lastly theres the contact page that allows you to get in touch, and I would love to hear from you with any questions you may have, or to organise a free consultation, or to go ahead and book me for your big day.



Whats your style, what should we expect if we choose to have you shoot our big day?

Mr & Mrs Happy-Couple-to-be

My style is exactly as you see it in the photos shown here on my website. I believe in clean, well lit, properly exposed, truly coloured, sharply focused but artistically blurred backgrounds, nicely framed photography. Natural, as it was on the big day, nothing altered and nothing styled. Timelessly fresh that'll be a perfect reminder of a truly wonderful day.

What I mean is that I want you to see the day how it was through everyone's eyes that were there on the day, and thats how it should be best remembered. Don't get me wrong, I fully appreciated those who style their imagery with a vintage or washed out feel, and I might just do that to one or two images here or there where it suits, but I don't want anyone regretting having a full set of wedding images styled in a way that in 10/20 years times looks dated and out of fashion. Good, clean, realistic photography will never go out of date.

My approach to everyone's big day is always to be fun, relaxed, easy going, but ensuring I get the full coverage of the day, making sure I get all the images requested by the bride and groom. I also do what I can to help, and guide you through a wedding day, be it helping the boys with their flowers or acting as a bit of a master of ceremonies by conveying messages to your guests in a loud but friendly and well mannered fashion, specially through the group shots.

Talking of formalities, like the group shots, most brides and grooms aren't overly keen on too much formality when it comes to the photos. I realise a portfolio of images can make it look like there a lot of regimented and organised photos, but the reality is a good 80% of what is shot by me is off the moment natural candid photography. Sure theres the group shots, but they only need be what you choose them to be. If you want 5 we do 5, if you want 25 well we'll do 25, the choice is yours.

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