What To Make The Camera See

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More often than not in photography in general we are looking for a great picture, and that’s certainly very true whilst shooting a wedding.

Sometimes however, the situation doesn’t quite lend itself to giving you the right ingredients for that great image, but a compromise has to be sought. Take today’s wedding with Samantha & Andrew. They hired me for a half day coverage, so my day was done before the far nicer sunset light was upon us, but I still wanted to get them the best imagery I could for their Bride/Groom portraiture.

As the weather this afternoon was very very bright, with not a cloud in the sky I employed the trick, or should I say sensible approach of working in the shade, so I could control the off camera lighting on the couple and the bring a bit of the sting out of the harsh light in the sky by under exposing the images a tad to leave the sky a nice crisp blue.

For me though this wasn’t quite enough, I wanted to take in a step further and get them something that would normally be shot far later in the day, and with the the help of my wife, and one of the guests, I manged to get that shot.

As you’ll see here in these shots of me by the swimming pool, the sky was very very bright, and the reflection of the couple wasn’t great with natural light along. My wife and the guest stood at either end of the swimming pool and held out two light stands with my most powerful flashguns pointing at Sam and Andy. I under exposed the image in camera far greater than I had before with the other portrait shots of the couple and then hit them with a lot of light from the flashguns.

The result was a nicely darkened sky and background, isolating the couple and making them stand out, but also their reflection has now come alive as well.

I love doing this kinda stuff and getting stunning imagery for my brides and grooms. To the naked eye at the time of shooting these images you’d never have believed it was possible to make the camera see something so different to how we saw it at the time. But with the right knowledge, and the correct gear, it’s definitely possible.

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