Triple Wedding Weekend

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Well it was bound to happen sooner or later but I have just had my first triple wedding weekend. I have done a fair few back to back weddings over the past three or so years but never three on the bounce. I have to admit I was slightly concerned my feet and legs would object, and the heels of my feet were very sore by the end of it, but I managed it just fine and covered each wedding like I would with any other.

The three weddings started with Mandy and Simon on Friday, who had their wedding down in Midhurst, West Sussex. The girls got ready for the day ahead at the Spread Eagle Hotel and Spa a wonderful hotel packed with character, whilst the lads prepared at the Angel Hotel which seemed to be equally as old and chracterful. The wedding itself was held at The Walled Garden that is part of the Cowdray Estate, the very same estate that holds some important Polo matches (What those polo matches are, I have no idea!). It was a great day and the weather behaved itself which meant everyone at the wedding could make full use of the gardens. It was a fab day enjoyed by all, including me.

Mandy & Simon

On Saturday it was on to Debs and Des’ wedding where I had to head to Crawley for the girls prep and then to Horsham Registry Office to find the boys and then shoot the wedding itself. After the formalities came the very informal and relaxed reception at a beautiful venue called The Wild Garden at The Hyde Estate hidden away in Handcross, West Sussex. Later in the day I was joined by Stephen Johnson, who was part of the reason I managed to get this job in the first place, who then assumed the role as second photographer. Stephen is Debs and Des’ neighbour and they did ask him first if he would be able to shoot their wedding. Unfortunately for Stephen he already had a booking that day and so he kindly sent them my way.

After  shooting Debs and Des’ very special big day I had to head home, load up the car with luggage, the dog (Eddie), all the wife’s hair and make up gear and ensure I had all my gear together and then head off down to Taunton in Somerset to meet up with the wife, who had travelled down by train earlier in the day. The reason being was that the B&B we were staying in had requested that we get there by around midnight and no later as they would be shutting up for the night, and if Debs and Des’ first dance was late then we might well have been late to the B&B.

Debs & Des

So Claire arrived there at about 8pm and if I was going to be late she could stay up and let me in when I got there, but as it happened the first dance was pretty much on time, and after sorting out at home, loading the car and hitting the road at a steady pace I got there at 23:45. On getting there I basically put some batteries on charge, and sorted out some memory cards, got showered and headed straight to bed.

The disbelief at the scream of my alarm and half past six arrived far to quickly on Sunday morning, but there it was and all to real. My legs at this point were feeling like lead but just cracking on, getting showered, dressed, fed and out the door soon sorted that and it was off to start our work on Jessica & Kevin’s big day. I say “our” because this was the first wedding of the weekend where I got to work with with Claire who has her own wedding business called A Brush With Elegance where she provides her professional services in Hair and Make Up. I didn’t get to work with her on the Friday or Saturday as she was booked elsewhere on three other weddings but it was nice to finish off the weekend working together.

My first job of the day was to take Claire to Jessica’s mums house in Bridgwater where the bridal prep was happening and drop her off so she could then get to work. I then headed to Tiverton to drop off the dog and pick up my good friend and fellow photographer Michelle Lovegrove, who was assisting me by shooting alongside me throughout the day as second photographer. The dog was safely dropped off with Shelly’s good friend and house  mate Alex, who took Eddie to a picnic in the park where an ABBA tribute was playing and from the resulting photos looked like he had a big old fuss made of him and a fantastic afternoon.

With Shelly onboard we headed back up to Bridgwater to get on with shooting the bridal prep before heading to St Mary’s in Bridgwater where we met the lads to shoot some formal and fun stuff. Arriving at the church we found the previous wedding was only just coming out from the service, where it turned out the bride had arrived 25 minutes late hence the delay in exiting, but we took the boys around the corner to get on with our shoot before making our way into the church ahead of the ceremony.

The wedding service went off without a hitch, and soon after the ceremony we made our way to The Taunton & Pickerage Golf Club near Corfe, set in the idyllic Somerset hills with fantastic views all around, where an emotion packed reception was soon to get into full swing. After shooting the group shots and the bride groom portraiture it was onto the wedding breakfast and the speeches, where more than a few tears were shed over the kind and loving words that were spoken by a number of speakers.

Jessica & Kevin

Finishing the evening with the cake cut and first dance it was time to put the cameras down and wonder how the weekend had flown by so quickly and how I was still standing! Truthfully my legs did feel like I’d put in three good shifts and the heels of my feet were very sore, but it was worth it to be part of three very special days.

I would like now to thank Mandy & Simon, Debs & Des and Jessica & Kevin for allowing me the privilege of shooting their weddings, they were all a pleasure to do and be part of. May I also thank Stephen for sending Debs and Des my way, it was much appreciated I hope I do your recommendation some justice. Finally, my thanks also go to Shelly and Alex. Shelly for second shooting with me, your help was invaluable and your input, thoughts and ideas will ensure that Jessica & Kevin will have a fab portfolio of images. Alex for having Eddie, it may seem like you haven’t done much but have some fun with a four legged friend and have an afternoon out listening to music and a bit of a walk, but without you being the dog sitter we would have been very stuck, or Eddie would have been a very unhappy Eddie being stuck in kennels for a day.

Now though, my thoughts turn to the editing, and there’s a a lot of it to get through, and as I’m not quite up to date, there is more than just these three to get through at the moment, but it is the busiest part of the year, so it can’t be avoided. I will however get through it as soon as possible and then all my brides and grooms can relive their very special big days through the images I supply them.

For now that is it from me, no doubt I’ll have something new to share with you all again soon.

Have a good’un………. Dom 🙂

(BTW, these are all preview images that have been edited via the uncalibrated screen of my laptop, and so may not appear exactly how they will look once edited with my main computer/screen, many thanks)

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