The Old Crocks Run

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The yearly ritual that is the London to Brighton Veteran Car run is upon us once again, and hopefully for the sake of all those involved, be it drivers, passengers or spectators, that the weather is nothing like it was for last years event. It absolutely poured down. Not much fun for those in cars with no tops to them as the temperature was only a few degrees above freezing when mixed with the wind chill.

Also not brilliant for those watching and certainly not for those wishing to take pictures of the event. I along with about 7 other photographers found a proper old bus shelter to shoot from down in Staplefield. A place where I will look to shoot from again this Sunday (7th Nov) not because of the bus shelter, although that will be handy should it rain again, but because the road down to it is long, down hill and fairly unhindered by clutter. By that I mean the backdrop is fairly picturesque and, well, its certainly better than having your normal town/city grottyness ruining a good shot.

The other bonus to Staplefield, so I was told last year, is that some of the drivers will stop off there for a bit, although with the conditions there last year no one stopped unless having vehicular problems. So it would be nice to see if that does happen cos the only other place I believe they tend to stop is Crawley and again taking shots of the people and cars just won’t look as nice if the background is cluttered with high street shops, banks and restaurants.

So here’s hoping that the sun shines all day and everyone can enjoy the day the way its meant to be. With any luck I’ll get a few decent shots of which i’ll post a few in another post here.

Dom ­čÖé

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