The Old Crocks Run (part 2)

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Woke up this morning, looked out of the window and thought,”Perfect”. That’s how I’d describe the weather for this years Veteran Car run. Cold with a very gentle breeze and no rain, but bright blue skies with wispy clouds. Stark contrast to last years effort.

With a change in the weather brought a change in the number of spectators. Last year there must have been no more than 20 people near or in the bus shelter in Staplefield. This year the sides of the road were absolutely packed with people, which was great to see.

The other change this year was that my eldest son came with me. He’s 7 years old, loves cars, football & computer games, and he kinda thought the Car Run was a race.  After explaining it wasn’t a race but more of a parade he was still enthusiastic to go and see it, and he wanted to take his little point and shoot camera with him.

His enthusiasm lasted about an hour but I managed to convince him to stay another 30 mins before we headed back home, I think he was getting withdraw symptoms from his nintendo.

Well in that hour and a half I managed to get a fair number of shots, of which I have yet to view on the computer. I’m hoping a large number have turned out ok as I forced myself to use some slows shutter speeds for a while to test my panning skills at speeds of around 1/80th to 1/125th of a second to create motion blur in all the right places, but hopefully not on the subjects.

Whatever the results I’ll post a few up here and on my Flickr page, and if all else fails I’m sure Tomas will have a few good pics I can use 😉

PA 🙂

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