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Later today I will be off out to join up with a group of fellow photographers at the Gatwick Aviation Museum for a bit a social.

Its being organised by TipSquirrel, hence the name Tip Up, a clever play on the term Tweet Up where by twitter users organise meet ups, and so this is for those who contribute to or read the TipSquirrel website/blog.

The Gatwick Aviation Museum is somewhere I have been passed hundreds of times yet I have never been to it, in fact it is no more than 5 or 6 minutes from where I live so its about time I dropped in. I don’t know to much about the place but from what I have heard, and please correct me if I’m wrong, the owners have had a trouble history with the local authorities. In basic, from what I understand, the local council tried to get the place closed down, but failed. Which is a bonus for us as it makes a great venue to meet up, have a good old chat and get some photography done with some magnificent old aircraft, and as this set of shots by Steve Bryson quite clearly shows.

It gives us a chance to do whatever we please, from casual photography to getting totally immersed in more serious thoughtful shot taking like this picture, again by Steve Bryson.

Looking forward to meeting up with Steve, who I have met briefly, and with Tipsquirrel himself, who I have spoken with on many occasions via Twitter. Plus it’ll be great to meet up with new like minded people. Bring it on!


Dom ­čÖé

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