The Ceremony

This gallery contains a large number of images from the Ceremony part of the day. Here you will see the bride arriving, the aisle walk, the ceremony and the departure. I will always try to be as close the the action as possibly but always have to work within the restrictions placed on me by whomever is conducting the service. Some vicars restrict photographers to the back of the church but still you will see good photography can be had. With the right equipment and skill this is rarely a barrier to getting the job done properly. The right gear in churches is vital to the cause of getting good quality imagery. Churches are dark places and in the main Mr or Mrs Vicar won’t allow the use of flash. So we have to reply on high end cameras gear to get clear, clean, good quality, well exposed imagery. Degraded image quality is usually a sign of poor camera gear. I hope you will see here and agree the quality I can produce in the darkest of churches is still very good.