Sometimes, what you see is what you get, and that's certainly very true with the photos you see on my website, this style and quality that I'm showing here is what I aim for at every wedding, and whilst this will naturally differ ever so slightly between summer weddings and winter weddings with longer or shorter amounts of daylight to work with, or weddings with sunny days and weddings with rainy days, it's always my aim to provide the best I can.

However, what you can't see right now is the level of service, enthusiasm, professionalism, friendliness and effort that goes into every wedding day to. I know my job is to photograph the big day, but I want my couples to have an enjoyable day that flows and allows them to relax into a stress free day and I look to help enable this by being part of the day, having fun with the couple and their guests, but also by being part of a bigger team who are looking after the running of the day, and working well together, whether thats with the venue, the caterers, the videographer, the entertainment, the DJ and any surprises that might happen like a fireworks display.

It's also done by simply being helpful. Situations such as the boys putting on their ties, cravats or button hole flowers could be one such event that any photographer could just stand back and photograph the lads struggling to get them right, but that's just not me. I'll give the boys a quick heads up on what to do so I can get some photos, but give them the reassurance that if they can't do it, I'll down tools for a mo to do it for them.

I also look to make the group shots, which are often looked upon as boring, a bit more light hearted and fun. Just by having a little banter and fun along the way makes them just a little more enjoyable. I don't profess to be an entertainer by any means, but in some respects it's kinda what it turns into, just to keep things upbeat and to keep people interested. It usually helps to keep them flowing to allow them to be done swiftly without people disappearing, though thats not always the case as some will wander to the bar or loo, which is understandable of course.

One particular strength I do have, aside from the photography, is that I can be very loud and commanding, which is ideal for initiating and running those group shots of course, but I always do it in a manner that is very fitting of a wedding, being polite, courteous, friendly, informative and a little fun. By no means am I a toastmaster, nor do I wear a posh red jacket and bang a gavel, but should the need ever arise I am more than happy to make announcements on your behalf if the venue won't do it or if you haven't hired a toastmaster.

So why have I told you all this?

Quite simply because most of the time when a couple looks for a photographer to shoot their wedding they will see the photos in the gallery and then see what the price is, and whilst they are two very very important things to know, like and be happy with, there is so much more that goes into good wedding photography as a service that you should receive on the big day making your investment even more worth it.

If you can take everything into consideration, the quality and style of photo, the hours spent doing admin and editing, plus the effort, interaction and professionalism on the big day, it will give you a far better chance of working out if your investment in a wedding photographer is going to be a good one or not.

Here's one last thing to give you some idea of what people think of what I do for them on their big days. At the end of pretty much every wedding I will get either the couple, their parents or even just a guest saying to me "Thank you ever so much for everything you've done today, you've been awesome, you've helped so much to make the day very special" And that hugely appreciated and amazing praise comes without a single one of them having seen a single photo I've taken on the day!

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Full Day

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All the above prices are for digital downloads only. These downloads are provided directly from the client gallery and will be available to you very shortly after the editing stage is complete.

Additional Services/Products

  • Engagement Shoot 1 Hour.................................£95
  • USB in a Printed Trinket Box.............................£50
  • USB in a Large Printed Box................................£75
  • 8x11 Inch 30 Page Wedding Book.................£245
  • 8x11 Inch 40 Page Wedding Book.................£285
  • 8x11 Inch 50 Page Wedding Book.................£325
  • 8x11 Inch Plain Box for Wedding Book.......£25
  • 8x11 Inch Image Box for Wedding Book....£65

All wedding book prices include the product, the design time and the postage. Sizes shown are relative to a Landscape oriented book/design. Portrait Oriented book/designs, being 11x8, are available at the same prices as shown above.