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If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. A mantra that should be stuck to like glue in many aspects in life, but in some annoying circumstances people see fit to fiddle with things that just don’t need it, and make things, well, worse.

This however can’t be said of the guys at Light Blue Software. Any tinkering they do to Light Blue seems to be minimal, very considered, well informed and very well implemented. They have a great habit of listening to users concerns, thoughts and ideas and where needed they will part with there thoughts and advice to help the users get the most out of what is a great piece of software for photographers and on the odd occasion, where possible, may even introduce new features to suit the working photographer and his or her admin workflow.

Now I’ve no idea where or how they come up with this latest gem, but they have just tinkered with it once more, and this one was a big addition. Online Contract Signing, and the ability to have clients pay their deposit via Credit/Debit Card or via Paypal as soon as they have just signed their contract!

I’ve now sent out 3 contracts in the past 24/48 hours and all of them have been signed, and I now have them back as PDF’s and I’ve already printed them, its worked like a dream.

I could very well waffle on about how it all works, but Hamish, from Light Blue, has kindly put a video together, so why not check it out the link below and see what you think. I give it a huge thumbs up, it’s going to make one more thing in life that little bit easier.

Click Here For The Contract Page And Video

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