I Never Expected A Year Like That

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2012 for many it seems has been a bit of a naff year, and in many respect its been just that for me to but my photography business has taken strides in the right direction, and although those steps are relatively small I had no idea these steps would ever really happen.

The Oz Family

I had been a hobbyist photographer for many years and I’ve been lucky enough to have a varied amount of people, friends, family, photographers (known & unknown to me) compliment me on the pictures that I’ve taken, and I’m not going to go fully into the reasons behind why I took the decision to start a proper service within photography but this has had a fair amount to do with it.

Nix & Lee

I had done a few bits and bobs over the past 3 years for certain friends/family, like my cousins wedding 14-15 months ago. I treated it totally as if I were hired properly, after all, I had to in order to do the wedding, my cousin and myself justice. I’ll admit that I didn’t shoot that wedding alone, I asked my good friend and fellow photographer Scot Baston to be my second photographer, a wise move as this guy is a top photographer. The end result of that wedding was the motivation behind what I set out to do this year, get more photography work.

The Shrimpton’s

Well 14 months ago my diary for 2012 was a little light weight for sure where photography was concerned but it’s ended having done a decent number of weddings, portrait shoots, events shoots, a couple of model shoots and commercial work.


All the weddings I’ve been involved in this year have been brilliant. My first for 2012 was Bex & Andrew, and I shot their’s with the help of another second photographer, Shelly Lovegrove, yet another top photographer and great friend.

Bex & Andrew

The most memorable church for 2012 was probably St Leonards in Hythe, Kent, where I shot the wedding of Mel & Tony because although the church itself was a stunner it had a crypt downstairs packed to the ceiling with skulls and bones, all very eerie but thankfully none of that featured in the wedding.

Mel & Tony

My last wedding of the year kept me more local being in the Crawley area and it was the only wedding of the year to be affected by rain, but it didn’t stop Philippa & Hardeep from having a great day.

Philippa & Hardeep

I have been lucky enough to shoot a number of portrait sessions. The first of those was with the Oz family and then followed by the likes of Katie, Matt & baby Louise (whose wedding I am shooting next year), the Shrimpton’s & the Taylors who all wanted up to date pictures of their kids.

Katie, Matt & Baby Louise

Tamhi who wanted a shoot as a birthday prezzie.


Lissie who wanted shots of a her family done as a surprise birthday present for her other half. A secret we all kept for 5 or so weeks until his birthday and I was informed that he loved them, which is nice.

Lissie’s Secret Shoot

One commercial job involved a wedding dress shoot for Taylor Made Weddings on a day that threatened to just rain. Being that the skies were so dark and moody I used it to my advantage by using off camera lighting. Underexposing the ambient light made the sky even more dramatic and simply lighting the models with the correct amount of flash light to expose them correctly.

Taylor Made Weddings

Another commercial shoot was for Parkers of Reigate, a Surrey based chauffeur/private hire company. They wanted shots of some of their top of the range vehicles to feature on their leaflets, website etc etc but being an active company ensuring that all the vehicles needed for the shoot could be free at the same time was not easy, and it turned out on the day I only had 2 of the 4 cars we had initially wanted to work with.

Deirdre & Dave

So I made the best of it but there was one specific shot Parkers were after which involved all four cars lined up in front of the Hartsfield Manor, so I put my creativity to the test again. I shot those two cars in front of the Manor and then on a different date went back with the two other cars to shoot them. The challenge was to shoot from exactly the same place with the two cars lined up as if they were alongside the original two and then blend the two shots together in photoshop. Parkers were amazed at the outcome and I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out to.

Parkers Of Reigate

Other shoots I’ve done this year include a special birthday party for Andrew Golding,  a charity school ball and a couple of pre-prom night events.

Andrew Golding

Also in there were a couple of model shoots with Kiera, some shots involving some wedding dresses and others where Kiera herself was the main focus. There were indeed other weddings and portrait sessions but this blog would go on for far to long if I were to mention them all.


All in all its been a pretty decent year but its only the first few steps along what will hopefully be a fairly lengthy path but all I can do is continue onwards and see where it leads.

Sharon & John

Many thanks to all those who have been good enough to trust in me and hire me, and let me be part of many special days this year, it’s been a pleasure and a privilege and I truly do thank you all. I really didn’t think this year would turn out like this, so as the title says, I never expected it.

The Taylor Family

Happy New Year to everyone, hope you all have a good one.

Steph & Matt


Dom 🙂

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  1. Many congrats on 2012 being a defining year for your photography – here’s to a prosperous 2013 for your photographic career 🙂

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