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Sunday the 4th of September 2011 will be a date remembered by us as our little baby daughters christening day. A very special day that we wanted to have precious memories of, and although I could have joined in with the days celebrations and shoot the proceedings as well I decided I wouldn’t because I wanted to enjoy the day without having to think about getting that all important shot. So who to give that responsibility to.

Well we chose to ask my good friend, and fantastic photographer, Scot Baston and without a moments hesitation he said he would be delighted to do it. We of course invited his better half, Juliette Kuil, to join us for the occasion and thankfully she was allowed to have time from work to be able to do so. It also allowed us to plan a weekend of it, if they could arrive late on the Friday prior to the christening on the Sunday, which they did. So there will be more on that in another post to come 🙂

I have to say it was probably the best decision we’ve made in a while as there would have been so much that I’d have missed if I’d have done the photography myself. Scot was on hand to capture each and every detail of the day from the formalities to the surprise of the arrival of  The Venerable Daniel Kajumba to help conduct the service. Daniel is an Archdeacon from Southwark Cathedral and is the very man, or should that be, Ugandan Prince who married the wife and I ten and a half years ago. Scot could capture all of that, where as I wouldn’t have at all, and how gutted would we be now if we didn’t have pictures from all the big day’s events.

(Danny’s entrance was a surprise to us all, including Scot who very quickly had to adjust, hence the slight blur, to capture Danny walking in)

The pattern of the day was very similar to that of a wedding, and so Scot approached the photography very much in that manner. Getting Imogen into the christening gown, us getting ready, the service at the church and the reception in a function room. Capturing details of Imogen gown, socks and bib. At the service shooting the moment the holy water was poured on to her forehead and then on to the party where the cake would be cut.

(Imogen’s eldest brother, Tomas, helps Danny to pour the holy water)

Imogen looked very beautiful throughout the day and Scot’s photography shows this off superbly. He was wonderful all day long, dealing with people he’d never met before, dealing with large numbers of people and dealing with those who didn’t really want to appear in any photographs, (and not to mention dealing with my kids, who tend to use him as a human climbing frame! lol)  he dealt with it all very professionally. His character leads him be a natural at this kind of photography and the results of his efforts speak volumes to. We are eternally grateful to Scot, and Juliette, for coming all the way from Devon to be part of, and shoot, Imogen’s big day. She, like us, will have a great collection of images to help us remember that fantastic day.

(Imogen’s other older brother, Lucas, very proud and rather mischievous)

Scot, thanks for all your help 🙂

Dom 🙂


All the Images in this post are the images taken by Scot Baston and therefore are Copyright protected in his name.

(Most of the Images were edited by Scot Baston. Three were edited by me and are in no way representative of Scot Baston’s photoshop knowledge and skill. They are the shots of Imogen on the brown carpet, the entrance of Daniel Kajumba and the Baptism of Imogen by Daniel)

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  1. Hi Dom

    It is so nice to see a happy client, even more so when said client is also a photographer!

    Really pleased you like the imagery and it was so good to meet up again



    1. Thank you very much Marion, we will cherish the photos Scot took forever and a day.

      Scot’s a fantastic photographer with an eye for a good shot but just as importantly he’s a great bloke who is just so easy to get on with 🙂

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