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My name is [John / Jane], I specialize in [people / wedding / sport / corporate / ...] photography. My style is based on [realistic images / vivid colors / delicate palettes / evocative atmospheres / ...], my images emphasize [...].

My clients include [ families of all backgrounds / local businesses / magazines / ad agencies / architects / ...].

You want to know a little about me, well, I live in Horley, Surrey and I am a family chap. Married Claire back in 2001, who is the rather awesome owner of A Brush With Elegance (Hair and Beauty) and over the years we've had four kids, three boys and one little lady. Time with them is so important to me as the grow so fast, but, I still have to provide for them, so time at work is just as important.

Away from family and work I have a huge passion for sport and music. Football and cycling dominate my sports and music can range from Madness through to Metallica, Old Skool dance to easy listening pop of the 70's, or even Hip Hip/Rap from the 90's, It's clear that my likes are pretty wide ranging

Absolutely over the moon with our Wedding photos & the service provided by Dom!

Gemma Elsey

My Photographic Outlook

Some call it their photographic philosophy, to me that sounds a little to formal, but in essence this is what it is I guess lol

My outlook on good wedding photography is that the images I take should be a wonderful reminder of a very special and perfect day. The way I do this is to take, and edit, well exposed, perfectly focused, naturally coloured, true to the eye photos that show you the day just as you saw it on the day. My imagery isn't styled with some vintage, washed out, dark or oversaturated editing that leaves them with a look that is akin to a time limited fashion.

Whilst its true there may be three or four photos from your big day that will be edited to a style, to enhance shots like the boys pre wedding fun shots like the reservoir dogs style shot and some will be converted to black and white where it suits the best, the rest will all be well exposed, true colour, just as you saw it on the day, which is timeless, meaning they'll look just as good when you look through them on your 50th anniversary as when you looked through them the very first time.

My shooting style is quite relaxed, informal, natural, unobtrusive. I'm there to capture most of the day in a very candid way where I just float around capturing what I see, looking for smiles, happiness and enjoyment. Sure there are some formals in there to, but these are dictated by what you choose for your big day. Having a cake cut?, well thats a formal moment that will be captured on camera, same as the ceremony, signing of the register, first dance etc. Theres the group shots of course, but these are chosen by you, so if you want only 2/3/4, then thats all we do, if you want 13/14/15, then again thats what we do. 

Editing, or photoshop, well for me that is there to enhance what is already in the photo, and not to repair a bad photo or alter a reality that need not be changed. It's there to ensure exposures are correct, colours are as true as they were on the day and to crop the imagery to suit the composition of the photo.