A Grand Day Out In Brighton

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A couple of months back photographer, retoucher, trainer, photoshop professional and friend Glyn Dewis announced he was going to organise a photowalk around Brighton. Immediately I checked the diary and to my disappointment found I was supposed to be doing a wedding fair in Essex with my wife, who is a wedding hair specialist and make up artist, and so I thought well obviously I can’t go.

That changed a few weeks ago, oddly at about the same time as Glyn starting advertising the walk. Within a very short space of time Claire, my wife, got not one but two separate wedding inquiries for the same day, that day being the day of the photowalk and the wedding fair. She quickly realised that the timings of the two weddings meant she could accommodate both and so informed me that she was no longer going to do the wedding fair because the income from the two weddings was obviously more important, and rightly so.

We had a quick discussion over the pro’s and con’s of me going alone all the way to Essex for the fair and decided that we would be better off if we could both just cancel it this time and the go along together to another one organised by the same people later in the year. The organisers were fine with this and totally understood the need to prioritise the income over the expence of doing the fair.

So this left me free to go on the walk around Brighton, but, by time we made sure the kids would still be looked after, even though I was going out on a jolly and not out hunting for work, the spaces on the walk had all been taken. The disappointment returned.

I decided to Tweet Glyn to make sure this was indeed true, and sure enough it was, but my joy returned when he said due to the high volume of requests he was going to open up a few more spaces, one of which I snapped up as soon as I saw them advertised.

On the day the weather decided to play ball whilst we were on the walk, but as soon as we made it to a pub right on the seafront for the after walk social it hammered down with rain. Putting an end to the plans Glyn had in place for an outdoors lighting session tutorial, which was a shame but it was never going to spoil the day.

The walk itself started from the front near the pier and then kinda any direction you liked up through the lanes around the lower end of the town, through the gardens at the Royal Pavilion and out past the Theatre Royal.

Brighton is always packed full of uniquely distinctive characters. People from all walks of life seem to gather here and it gives the place a fantastic vibe. What made the day even more special is that the local council had designated the day as Peoples Day, and it had laid on a few different activities and attractions, as well as local businesses and associations having stalls to advertise their wares and entice you in.

Well whatever the motives were behind the event, bringing people together or just generating business, it was seemingly a success as it looked like the whole of Brighton had descended upon it. There were characters galore, the only problem being was getting a clear shot of them. It was that busy you’d be lucky if someone didn’t walk across your shot.

Having said that, the photography side usually takes a back seat on these photowalk events as I usually end up chatting to people. Catching up with those I only get to see once or twice a year, putting a voice and a real life face to those I only ever chat with on Twitter, and making totally new acquaintances and in that respect this walk was no different.

It was great to catch up with Glyn & Anne Dewis, Dave Clayton, Keith Hammond. It was brilliant to meet Dave Butt at last. I’ve spoken to him for quite a while on Twitter but until that day we had never met, he’s great bloke and it was a pleasure talking to you as we wandered round Brighton. Other Twitterers it was a pleasure to meet was Noel Hannan (who I think was on the Oxford photowalk last year but I never got a chance to talk to him) and Andrew Macpherson.

The social side of these walks is the main reason to go along. As for the photography, well you could have a good day or a bad day, it really doesn’t matter. All in all it was a brilliant day, I very much hope the next photowalk to be organised will come along soon as I’ll be looking to add my name to the list yet again.


Dom 🙂

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