42 Weddings in 2015

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Quite simply, amazing, I’m totally blown away. 42 Weddings in 2015. Really doesn’t matter how many times I say it or read it, but it just seem possible that I really did that many, but I did.

I started out on this weddings journey just a few years back, four and a bit to be fairly correct, but I honestly thought it would take a long time to be getting anywhere near that number in a single year. It would take time, hard work, lots of advertising, plenty of happy clients, all to help spread the word that I was here and available to shoot weddings, but somehow I’ve been incredibly lucky that it’s not taken as long as expected and thankfully it seems I have a good number of happy clients who have been kind enough to pass my details onto their friends and family who would be in need of a wedding photographer.

More amazingly, my last wedding of 2015 was my 99th in total and as it happens I’ve already shot my 100th, being Nina & Liam’s big day on the 16th of Jan just gone. I’m not entirely sure what it is I’ve done to be blessed with kind of growth in such a relatively short space of time but I count my lucky stars every day and remain ever grateful when anyone signs me up to shoot their big day.

2015 saw me get around a bit and yet as a Horley Wedding Photographer I found myself not working in Horley once! Well not for the wedding, though one wedding had the morning preps for the girls in Horley, but still, to not get an actual wedding ceremony in my own town is a bit against the odds.

That said, a lot of weddings were in the Crawley/ East Grinstead/Haywards Heath/Dorking areas with venues like the Gatwick Manor, Stan Hill Court, Cottesmore Green Golf Club, Denbies and the Highley Manor being among the ones I visited most. Further afield I traveled down to Hayling Island at the start of the year followed by trips to Twickenham, Hever Castle, Windsor, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Uckfield and all the way up to The Lake District.

It’s been and awesome year and I’ve loved every moment of it. Working with so many different brides and grooms, seeing different ideas come to life, seeing so many happy occasions, witnessing so many emotions, but being hugely privileged to be a in very special position to be able to capture is all on camera for all these wonderful people and their families. The fun, the laughter, the genuine enjoyment of being part of everyone’s big day, and most importantly the photography and the special imagery I have been able to capture, has only made me want to do this more and more.

My dedication to my photography and weddings was such that in 2015 on the very day I turned 40 years old I was off out to shoot another wedding at the Alexander House Hotel, but rather embarrassingly the “Over The Hill” moment wasn’t forgotten. Jemma & Nick ensured I got some attention by adding into Nick’s speech that it was indeed my birthday. They then proceeded to get all their guests to sing Happy Birthday to me….awesome and hugely appreciated!

Anyway, the following gallery contains a single image from each of the 42 from the Bride/Groom portrait sessions from each wedding. So with that I have to say a huge thanks to each and every bride and groom who hired me to shoot their very special big days, and I am going to name them all. Normally this list wouldn’t be as long and I’m betting 2016’s won’t be quite this long, though I do already have 26 confirmed bookings.

Anyway, huge thanks go to …. Sarah & Dean, Chanelle & Daniel, Becky & Peter, Leanne & Mark, Bobbie-Jo & Stephen, Stephanie & Aaron, Jennifer & Kevin, Kate & Howard, Jennifer & James, Jemma & Nick, Vicky & Rhys, Katherine & Marcus, Magdalena & William, Laura & Stuart, Lois & Chris, Sara & Marc, Sandra & Paul, Caroline & Alan, Steph & Andrew, Samantha & Thomas, Anna & Gavin, Ginette & Paul, Emma & Christopher, Laura & Barry, Lois & Paul, Sarah & Wayne, Tayla & Chris, Kriztianne & Phil, Sam & Simon, Katie & Jason, Natalie & Reza, Sarah & Paul, Ellie & Luke, Julie & Colin, Amber & Mark, Sam & Andrew, Serena & Chris, Kerrie & Nick, Sarah & Mike, Francesca & Michael, Tasha & Michael and finally Jade & Kevin, it was an awesome privilege to have worked for you all and created what I all hope you agree are some brilliant memories and some very special images.

Many thanks for stopping by. Here’s to a great 2016 for everyone!

Dom 🙂

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