2014 : A Year Of Progression

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Another year done, and this one held yet more steps forward in terms of business progression, along with the number of weddings and portraits shot and thankfully the number of happy customers has grown as well.
My 2014 started quite slowly with only one wedding for January and rather sadly it cancelled with only a few weeks to go before the big day, so that was a bit of a downer, so my first actual wedding shoot happened on the most romantic day of the year. Sarah & David chose Valentines Day to be their wedding day and although Mother Nature tried her hardest to be the centre of attention, she failed to dampen the spirits or blow away the party atmosphere as a great day was had by all.
Lauren & Max
Work on the wedding shoot front then went very quiet for two and a half months as my next wedding shoot wasn't until May, but that lull was filled with other work. Mainly in the form of family portrait sessions, but also in the form of some new born baby shoots, a new service that I had started to offer. It was in March that I set myself up with some props for the studio to use on the new born baby shoots. It was a task made very easy when the wife and I took a three day break down in Rye, East Sussex, for our wedding anniversary.
Sarah & Adam
Basically I dragged the wife round pretty much all the antique type places where you can find all manner of things, including the wicker baskets, fruit boxes and wooden buckets. All in all I spent about £40-£50 and I had 5 props to use, and with some baby blankets from home along with some cuddly toys I was all set …..bargain!
The weddings kicked off again in May and it was pretty full on from there right through to September, where it started to slow down a bit, however, I still had at least two per month all the way up until Christmas.
Jessica & Kevin
It's at this point that I'd like to thank all my brides and grooms from 2014 and say it was a privilege to be part of all your big days, I personally enjoyed being part of them all, and that also goes for the weddings where I was hired in as a second photographer.
Carly & Andrew
This year I have shot 24 weddings as the main or only photographer, and I've been a second photographer on 4 weddings, working alongside Katie, Stephen and Karen. At this moment in time, being New Years Eve, I have 23 weddings booked for 2015, 4 for 2016 and even 1 confirmed booking for 2017. So my 2015 is already looking very busy and we have the spring wedding fair season to get through yet.
Kate & Stuart
This growth in work is what basically lead me to shutting down my part time business in private hire driving two months ago. It was time for it to stop to be able to give me more time to service the photography far more efficiently, and it's already doing that as I'm far more on top of things than I used to be. Image editing is still playing catch up to a certain degree, but even that is being cleared mildly faster than it was, which is exactly what I was aiming to do.
Lauren & Max
Well that's it then for 2014, and goodbye to what was an excellent year, here's hoping 2015 will be bigger and better for all of us……..have a good'un!
Dom 🙂


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